I LOVE a new year. The feeling of a fresh start, new goals, and taking a moment to be thankful for everything that happened the year before! New Year’s resolutions can feel scary or stressful for a lot of people, but I personally am such an enneagram 3 and I LOVE dreaming up all of the things I wanna see happen in the year ahead. One of my big resolutions has been to up my fitness game! Jordan and I kind of fell out of some good habits this year, like putting our health first. After one too many frozen Trader Joe pizzas I was like “ok, this has to change” (Like a little bit. Def not all the way. NEVER giving up Trader Joes pizzas 🤣). Needless to say a detox would come in handy!

I have been getting my booty into the gym regularly (I am LOVING using my friend Julie’s Hype Fitness class!!!) and I’ve actually been trying to eat healthier (by which I mean, FEWER frozen pizzas in a week lol). I love taking advantage of cleanses or detox that will help my body to get into gear, and Oxy-Powder from Global Healing Center has been one of my faves so far. 


Oxy-Powder helps to clean out your whole digestive system and give your body a reset 🙏 Our bodies can clear a lot of toxins out on their own, but some of that nasty stuff likes to stick around and needs to be shown the door like *boy bye*. Oxy-Powder uses oxygen to clean your colon and help prevent bloating, irritation, and constipation. The ingredients are all-natural and you can actually PRONOUNCE all of them lol – unlike a lot of cleansers and similar products! I always feel a lot better knowing what’s going into my body.


For me, it’s important to ask questions before I use (or especially before I share!) a product that affects my body and health. For example:

  1. Why is this different than just eating healthy and working out? Why does my body still benefit from this? Well, turns out, using Oxy-Powder cleans and detoxifies your WHOLE digestive tract, which doesn’t always happen naturally, and even when it does, there are certain toxins your body can’t flush out by itself. Plus, it encourages probiotic growth and helps reduce headaches, bloating, a weak immune system and more! 
  2. How does this affect my schedule/does it take a lot of time? There are a lot of reasons to try it out, but honestly, if it ain’t easy, I might not create the time for it, so I love that this is just a capsule (instead of some gross shake or something lol) and I literally just have to take it before bed, so it just incorporates itself into my everyday routine!
  3. What are some ways it might help me that I wouldn’t expect? Taking Oxy-Powder regularly can help with mood swings and bad breath?! Ummm hello, I’ll take that ANY day lol! Talk about a full body detox!

This has made such a noticeable difference so far! I mayyyy have overindulged in the treats over the holidays (no regrets!!! lol) and my system got a little outta whack from all that sugar, so step one for 2020 was to give my body a reset. What are your New Years Resolutions? How are you taking practical steps to get there?


Thank you to Global Healing for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.