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Dress is from Petal & Pup (wearing a size S) // Jordan’s Citrus Top

I have been dreamin’ about my baby shower ever since we first found out we were pregnant in February! My SUPER SWEET girlfriends decided to organize the whole thing for me 😭 I have worked with a ton of vendors in Dallas, and I’ve kept a running list of places to try, so when my girls wanted to take the reigns, I sent them my master list and said GO CRAZY!

My friends made DIY masks for the guests by ordering plain cloth masks and ironing on a cutie patch to make it fit with the theme. How freakin CUTIE are these?! What a sweet lil party favor.


dani austin baby shower customized cutie face masks covid baby shower

The Vendors We Used For Our Backyard Baby Shower

perch decor furniture rentals dallas

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Perch Decor

How pretty is this sweet little setup?! 😭 We rented the tables, sofas, chairs, and ottoman from Perch Decor, a Dallas based event rental company. They have so many different options to choose from! You can get hot pink couches, ivy-covered bars, gorgeous display walls – seriously, if you have a Dallas wedding, baby shower, or birthday party coming up, I would highly recommend checking them out. Even though we had a backyard baby shower, they can just as easily provide you with indoor pieces! Everything is so classy and high quality. Plus, they come get everything up AND pack it all back up at the end. So easy.


dani austin baby shower cutie themed orange balloon garland lushradani austin baby shower cutie themed orange balloon garland lushra


No one does balloon garlands like Lushra! This was so thoughtful. We used them for our gender reveal too, and everybody knows how much I love them. If you’re going to invest in one fun decorative display, I’d always pick the balloons. They add a perfect pop of color, and plus – when else do you get to have a balloon garland in your backyard?! They’re so fun for photos, too, so they double as a huge decoration and a photo backdrop for you and your guests. I loved that ours literally looks like a bunch of cuties ☺️ If you’re in Dallas, hit up Lushra for all of your balloon-arch needs! Y’all can use my promo code DANIAUSTIN or just use this link to receive 10% off of Lushra’s DIY kits!


the styled affair arch and pampas grass

The Styled Affair Arch +  Pampas Grass Wicker Baskets

The Styled Affair

My girls seriously transformed our backyard! They rented the peach colored arch to use as a backdrop for photos, and also to tie the decor together at the end of the backyard. The Pampas Grass Wicket Baskets were from The Styled Affair, too. I kinda Insta-stalked them afterwards lol – they are so versatile in what they offer! They even do these super cute picnic party packages – you can check them out on their Insta stories! I feel like they really helped transform our space.


prim and lovely florals orange green and white flowers

prim and lovely florals orange green and white flowers

prim and lovely florals orange green and white flowers

Prim + Lovely Florals

We already use Prim + Lovely for all of our events, so I told my girlfriends that she was my top suggestion. Elise makes the most beautiful flower arrangements. I can always tell her my vision (in very few words) and she brings it to life better than I could have imagined, so I knew she’d pick up what my friends were putting down! How cute are these flowers with the cuties in the vase?! Elise is so good at taking an idea and making the florals cohesive and theme-driven throughout. I’m gonna be dreaming about these peach and orange hues for a longgg time…

Tacoheads Catering

If my friends know one thing about me, it’s that it ain’t a Dani party unless there are tacos! I’m a huge fan of Tacoheads! Honestly, kind of looking for more opportunities to throw parties just so I can justify bottomless chips and quac again… We had three taco options: veggie, chicken, and carnitas, and obviously chips, quac, and queso by the bucket 😍 If you’re from Dallas or you’re in the area, you HAVE to try their signature tacos and their elotes 🤪


social llama green wall champagne glasses

baby shower drink list cutie themed

Social Llama Events

Y’all… you don’t know the pain of not being able to drink alcohol until there is a literal Champagne Wall behind the bar 🥂 Wouldn’t this be so perfect for a wedding, too?! Social Llama Events really hooked it up! These themed cocktails were also the CUTEst, including a Blood Orange Bourbon, Aperol Spritz, a Tequila Sunrise Mocktail (helloooo virgin cocktail, get in mah TUMMY), and a House Margarita. Our “bartenders” were some more super sweet friends that volunteered for the job! 🧡  They even gave us a promo code! Use Dani10 to get 10% off rentals at Social Llama!


baby shower cake dani austin citrus themed

Dallas Affaires Cake Company

Last but NEVER least, was the cake 😍 Dallas Affaires Cake Company made the most GORGEOUS vanilla cake with strawberry icing – there had to be a little variety in there somewhere 🤣  You guys. Eating this cake was like eating another wedding cake. Like that’s how beautiful and delicious it was! Who says that all of this fun stuff can only happen once?! They did SUCH a good job.

I still can’t get over the fact that a baby girl is growing inside of me! I am so thankful for this special day getting to celebrate her with our friends and family, and for the sweetest people in my life who organized it all. BEST backyard baby shower EVER! If you’re in Dallas and try out any of these vendors, send me a message to let me know! I’d love to see your events come to life.