dani austin gender reveal


TODAY WAS THE BIG DAY – our gender reveal! We could not be more excited to be bringing a baby into our lives, and this was honestly one of the most wonderful, special, SURPRISING days of my whole life. Let me start off by telling y’all a little story.

I have been conVINCed that it’s a boy for weeks now! In the beginning of the pregnancy, from the get-go, Jordan and I were sure it was a girl. We just had a gut feeling about it that nothing could shake! 

But my bestie Shauna is the only one who had the results – and one day on our run, she referred to the bebe as a HE! I was so sure that she slipped up, so I told Jordan. He was convinced that she was messing with me – but I was sold! I just got it in my head that it was a boy! Even when she told me to get pink nail polish instead of blue, I was like nah – she’s playing games LOL! 

So when you see my face in these reactions – that is was genuine SHOCK looks like, y’all! It took me a second because I was SO surprised. IT’S A GIRL!!! But y’all, this is one of the happiest moments I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to meet my girl and grow this girl gang hehe. 

Here are some of the amazing businesses that made today even sweeter!


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1. Lushra

Y’all – I have never been so blown away by BALLOONS (no pun intended LOL). These balloon arches were so cute – I literally could not think of anything better for the occasion. Y’all can use my promo code DANIAUSTIN or just use this link to receive 10% off of Lushra’s DIY kits!

2. Alpha Lit 

The backyard was so beautiful with the giant Baby Ramirez sign. They used their Custom Marquee Letters to set the stage for the big reveal!


3. Social Llama Events

I felt like I could take a cute pic everywhere I turned! These super cute “BABY Blocks” were such a cute addition. If you’re having your own gender reveal I highly recommend them! You can use my promo code for 10% off: DANI10 or use this link.

4. Abbie Mae Photography

We can’t WAIT to share more photos from our amazing photographer, Abbie! It was so important to us to capture that moment – and from the look on my face, you can tell why! It was such an incredible surprise and I’m so thankful to have had every part of the day documented.

We are so excited to meet our little girl. Get ready to see the biggest bows on planet earth! Thanks so much for being a part of her story already!