dani Austin kitchen organization the neat method

The kitchen fairies (aka The Neat Method) have worked their magic again! If you’re into kitchen organization eye candy, get ready to feast your eyes!

dani Austin kitchen organization the neat method


They started off by helping us get our cabinets organized. I love how they separated our mugs from our tumblers and other drinkware. The straws and other drinking tidbits are tucked away on the left shelves and our everyday appliances are stored on the big bottom shelf. I don’t like leaving things on the countertops, and what’s amazing is that we have built-in plugs in these new shelving units so we can keep everything hidden.

I love how cute our custom tumblers look here!!

On the other end, the rest of our bigger appliances are stored, alongside all of our Amazon gadgets. As y’all know, it’s a growing collection lol! I love how they spaced everything out so that it’s not all squished together.

Just LOOK at those CLEARED countertops 😍 Mama likey. This is genuinely kitchen organization at its finest – when everything has its place 😍

dani Austin kitchen organization the neat method

This is just pure stacking magic right here. One of the tips I took away from this session was to stack by height whenever possible. To avoid uneven stacks, just combine some stacks how you can to make the piles even.

The fancy glasses get their own space 😍 Make sure to give your glasses room to breathe if you can to avoid any breaking!

dani Austin kitchen organization the neat method

dani Austin kitchen organization the neat method


I’ve never met an acrylic container I didn’t like. The Neat Method hooked us up with these super cute organizing boxes that just make a WORLD of difference. You can grab a ton of different sizes on Amazon! I also love the little lazy susan one for extra jars!

If you couldn’t tell, we are a condiment kinda family! 🤣 Our fridge door is stockpiled with every kind of sauce you can imagine – plus juice and butter! We made sure that things weren’t layered so that you can see everything for easy access. My biggest thing about the fridge is keeping it clean. It can get so sticky and gross so fast! I’m gonna make a habit out of wiping it down at least once a week with a Clorox wipe.


dani Austin kitchen organization the neat method


And for the grand finale: our pantry! How cute, right?! The Neat Method truly outdid themselves here. I LOVE the acrylic containers – we use them for cereal, spices, grains, sugar, and other dried goods. The baskets are what really make it for me. I didn’t want everything to be floating around – so when the ladies arrived with these wicker baskets, I knew they had nailed it. You can get similar ones at Amazon, Walmart, Homegoods, or Target! I can’t recommend them enough. You can just pile in all of your chips, boxed meals, and random items to keep everything neat and easy to find.


dani Austin kitchen organization the neat method

We love keeping drinks on hand, so we have our boxed drinks stacked and bottled waters contained in this cute metal container. Wicker wouldn’t work for anything liquid-related – a spill will be much easier to manage in this guy!

I hope looking through this gave you as many super satisfying feels as it does for me 🤣. So much of this incredible-looking organization is really just based on being intentional and thinking ahead!

If you’re craving more organization tips, check out my closet reveal! What are your top kitchen organization tips?