I wanna let y’all in on a little known fact about me: I decided to stop drinking alcohol on the weekdays in 2020. Some people have their nightly glass of wine, but this girl has a nightly glass of kombucha or Bai! I love a glass of wine or a good margarita with some tacos (yes pleaseee)! But I knew that I wanted to gain more balance in my life this year, and cutting alcohol from my weekdays has been a significant way to do that. Here’s why I quit drinking alcohol during the weekdays:

1. Wind down, don’t wine down!

One of my goals has been to be more present and in the moment, especially in my marriage with Jordan. Since we work together all day every day, it can be so easy to get caught up in projects and timelines and forget to just enjoy each other. So at the end of the workday, I wanna make sure that I’m fully present with him. I don’t want to be reliant on a glass of wine to help me to destress – I want to enjoy being 100% with my hubby (and everyone else in my life)!

2. Let treats remain treats.

Sometimes it’s good to have boundaries in your life just for the sake of forming discipline! Like for example, if I don’t set any boundaries for myself, I’m probably not gonna eat very healthily. On the other hand, if I set really restrictive boundaries, I’ll either be bitter about it or I’ll fall off the wagon. Allowing myself to enjoy a drink or two on the weekend is the perfect balance for me – it helps me to have what I like in moderation!

3. Taking care of my bod.

Of course, my physical health has been a big focus for me in the past year with my hair loss journey and also with trying to get strong! I am not trying to lose any weight, but I have noticed that since reducing my alcohol intake, a lil bit of my tummy has disappeared! I’m trying to make sure that I’m not eating fewer calories, but BETTER calories that my body really needs.

4. Save $$$!

I’m a big fan of this part hehe – cutting back on alcohol has saved us a lot of money! It’s not like we were ever HUGE drinkers anyways, but when you start adding up the drinks you have throughout the week (especially at restaurants!), it can get kinda cray cray – and if you live in a bigger city like we do, the prices ain’t pretty. I love that I get to put that money right back into my pocket now.

Of course, sometimes I still want that fun, relaxed vibe during the week, so I’ll just make myself a little kombucha or Bai in a wine glass lol! It’s honestly so good and it’s better for my body, too. What do you think? Would you ever quit drinking alcohol during the weekdays?