It happened one night right before I turned out the light and climbed into bed. My heart starting pounding, my head started racing, and two words were flashing in my mind: BEDROOM MAKEOVER.

Ya know when you just get the urge to switch things up?! When I was a kid I used to rearrange my furniture alllll the time just for a little change. Adulting Dani ain’t that different! I still love to make small changes to my room to freshen it up. Here are my top tips!

1. Double It Up.


A good old symmetrical bedside table look never fails! It’s so easy, and so chic. Plus, everyone needs a bedside table and a lamp! Adding a mirror can make a big difference too – plus it will give the illusion of a bigger room!

2. Acrylic Desk Accessories.

dani Austin bedroom refresh mirror acrylic desk accessories

You know how your desk can feel so cluttered so quickly, but you really need a lot of stuff on there?! Use acrylic containers and accessories! They’re clear, so from a distance, it barely looks like you have anything on your desk! 

3. Have Breakfast in Bed.

dani Austin breakfast in bed refresh

Okay I know this isn’t a permanent change, but when you use your bedroom for a different purpose than usual, it transforms the entire atmosphere! So this weekend, eat breakfast in bed! Do something a lil different than you usually would.

4. Decorate with Books & Candles.

Dani-Austin-Bedroom-March-28-24 refresh

So easy – so effective. Coffee table books can get pricey, so I recommend grabbing discounted ones at Marshalls and TJ Maxx! I have legit walked into Barnes & Noble, grabbed a book, been like “$50?! Pshhhh girl please”, walked into Marshalls, and found the SAME BOOK for $25. Don’t sleep on Marshalls y’all!

5. Add a Chair!

Dani-Austin-Bedroom-March-28-19-768x1152 Lola refresh

If you have a lonely little corner in your room, give it a friend! Pop a cute chair in, throw a cozy blanket over the side, and start actually reading all of those books on your bedside table!

6. Pop up a Gallery Wall.

dani-austin-artifact-uprising-gallery-wall-home-decor-1080x1440 refresh

Find your fave photos and some cute prints and throw up a gallery wall! It makes such a statement. I would advise using pieces of similarly sized paper and taping it all into position before you pull out the hammer, though – it’s a little trickier to place them than I expected but once you get going, you’ll be totally fine.

7. Make Your Bed.

Dani-Austin-Kathy-Kuo-Home-Bedroom-Ideas-Lili-Alessandra-Bedding-Pink67-768x1152 refresh

Nothing makes a bigger difference than embracing and remembering what you already HAVE. Clean your room, make your bed, and organize your drawers. Sometimes a clean up sesh is as good as a new bedspread.

What are your fave tips and tricks for refreshing your bedroom?