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If COVID hasn’t gotten us all a littttttle more familiar with our homes, then y’all, I don’t know what will. By the time Jordan and I moved into our new house, I was OVER the messiness and clutter of the old one! Don’t get me wrong, I loved the space – but we aren’t the best at how to organize 😅 I was so excited for a fresh start and opportunity to get it right from the get go. I wasted NO time and asked The Neat Method ladies to come work their organization magic!

If you’re looking for a closet or a kitchen revamp, check out my previous posts! The Neat Method absolutely killed it y’all 😍  Here’s a little sneak preview of both!


dani Austin how to organize your house kitchen

OOH LA LA! If you’re into this eye candy, get the full details on my separate post – there was too much-organized goodness to keep it all here!



dani Austin how to organize your house kitchen

I OFFICIALLY LOVE A ROLLED HAND TOWEL. Seriously, how do they make even my potholders look so chic?!

dani Austin how to organize your house kitchen

Expandable Bamboo Drawer Organizer

dani Austin how to house organization kitchen

dani Austin how to house organization kitchen

I dunno about y’all, but these little things make me so happy. We officially have a billion acrylic containers throughout the house, and they are serving LEWKS lol 🤪  But really, the amazing thing is that if any of these bottles leak, it’s safely contained.


dani Austin how to house organization

Seriously – this is just the start. I am obsessed with The Neat Method. Full closet post here!


After the big areas were tackled, we took on the bathroom and living spaces. For the most part, I already knew what I wanted here, and had done a good bit of unpacking myself, so it was the nitty gritty details I needed their added expertise for.

dani Austin how to house organization

We have a CRAZY amount of storage in the new place, which we were SORELY lacking before! If you watched my Insta stories that day when I found out our bench opened up into storage, you’ll know how excited I get about storage space 🤣 So when we saw these drawers, we fell in LOVE. And then hyperventilated a bit. Because that, friends, is a LOT. OF. ORGANIZING.

dani Austin how to organize your house bathroom

The Neat Method came in here and dominated these drawers 🙌  My biggest takeaways were to make sure you have plenty of containers to organize the items in the drawers. For example, have an acrylic bin for hair products, one for body products, one for accessories, etc. Break it down as much as possible so that at the end of the day, you aren’t storing 40 different products and never using one.

Pick a few items you use daily and get super pretty containers for them to keep on your counter. It’s so functional while also being decorative!

dani Austin how to organize your house living room

Custom Art from Minted // Bamboo Gold Bookshelf

How Pinterest-worthy is this?! The Neat Method organizes and stack your books by color to create a rainbow gradient and I can’t get enough. I never know what to do with cute little decor pieces, so I love how they made this look so chic and simple.

dani Austin how to organize your house

You can really see Jordan and my personalities shining through these book choices 😂 But seriously, I couldn’t have made this look so pretty.

I feel like we’re finally home ❤️ I can’t wait to welcome baby girl into this house! Do y’all have any tips for how to keep the nursery organized? We’re so excited to get started on it!