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You can trust me – I am one! I know that a lot of y’all have transitioned into the work from home  life due to the Coronavirus, and as a professional work-from-homer of seven years, I want to be a good resource for you guys! I know that working from home can get you a little stir crazy, especially if you aren’t used to it, but I’m here to help U OUT sista! Pretty much everything in the world feels up in the air right now, but here are a few tips to hopefully make at least ONE area of your life a little more stable.

1. Business on top, party in the back.

Y’all, I can confidently say that the best part of working from home? No pants, NO PROBLEM. As long as you’re ready to hop on a conference call from the waist up, you’re good girl.

2. On that note… still get ready for the day.

Pants are one thing – but showering, doing your hair, doing your makeup, brushing your teeth, and doing whatever makes YOU feel like a human being in the morning! It seriously helps your mindset. I learned it best from my 93-year old Grandma Gowie! She ALWAYS dresses up, and she tells me that it helps her to be more productive and ready to face the day!

3. Mark your territory.

Have a spot for working, for eating, and for sleeping. Aka, as tempting as it may be, don’t work in bed, don’t sleep on the couch you work on, etc. Creating a boundaries like these helps to make sure you’re in the right mindset and you take care of every area well. If you want more tips about this, I have a whole post about creating a work from home space here.

4. Getchu some grippy socks!

Grippy socks or slippers are where it’s AT! Shoes are NOT mandatory, but something to keep you from slipping when you’re running up and down the stairs? Now THAT’S important. I also have a fave pair of slippers I’m obsessed with!

5. Start with exercise.

When you work from home, you often end up sitting down and forgetting to take breaks to get up and move! Doing a quick morning workout really helps to get your blood AND brain going! It’s really easy to let time slip past when you transition into working from home, so getting your body into gear first thing will help you to stay focused and motivated! I’m loving my friend Julie’s Hype Fitness classes – they’re SO GOOD and you can try a 7-day trial to see if it’s a fit for you before committing!

6. Stay hydrated.

This water bottle savessss me. I used to be the worst at drinking water throughout the day, but now I just challenge myself to meet the goals on the bottle! I also love Yeti’s just because they seriously keep the drink the temperature it was supposed to be.

7. Block out your schedule.

I try to reserve one day a week for phone calls, afternoons for creating content, etc. Even though you aren’t being watched by your boss every second, act like you are lol! Staying on schedule will really help you out in the long run.

8. Communicate!

Your coworkers are all working from home too, right? Make sure to stay in touch! Whether y’all use iMessages, Slack, or another messaging system, try to get as much interaction as you can throughout the day! A huge part of what’s going to keep us ALL sane during this is each OTHER <3


Use this time to make some new healthy habits, tackle a project you’ve been wanting to forever, or finally get that crazy work/life balance in check. 

We are in this together! What are your best tips for working from home?